Enjoy an unlimited number of voicemail boxes and even shared voicemail boxes based on the number of extensions you set up. You can set up an auto-attendant to give callers options for which voicemail box to access, or simply use it as a normal voicemail box. You can control how you access voicemail messages, whether on your device or in your email inbox. See voicemail-to-email.

Common Use Case

Everyone needs a voicemail box, but with Jive you can customize your voicemail message, or even add an additional message before the message plays depending on where the call is coming from. You might have a sound file alert callers coming from a certain option in your auto-attendant (i.e., New Inquiries) telling them what specific items to include in their message. Others coming from a different auto-attendant option can go directly to your standard voicemail message.


Does it cost more money to have extra voicemail boxes or sound clips?
No, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of voicemail boxes or sound clips.