Virtual Voicemail

Staying connected is essential to the success of your organization, and the ability to listen to voicemail messages from anywhere is important. Jive’s virtual voicemail system is stored in the cloud, allowing you to access it over the internet from your email, smart device, or any outside line. Our voicemail to email feature lets you listen to messages directly from your inbox with a simple click, saving time by eliminating the need for voice prompts. Plus, you’ll enjoy an unlimited number of standard and shared voicemail boxes based on the number of extensions you create.

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Voicemail to Email

Automatically and instantly send voicemail messages to your email using the voicemail to email feature. Each message is sent as a sound file, allowing you to listen to your voicemails right from your inbox with just one click. Designate whether you want to send voicemails to your email, keep them on your standard phone voicemail box, or both through the user portal.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

Skip the automated message and customize your virtual PBX voicemail with a personalized recording. Number-activated prompts let you record four different messages: unavailable, busy, your name, or a temporary recording. Learn more about how to record a custom voicemail greeting in four simple steps.

Check Your Voicemail from Anywhere

Staying connected is as important as ever, and Jive’s voicemail for business makes it easy to check your messages from anywhere and with any device. Each voicemail is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via smartphone, over email as an audio file, or using your desk phone or an outside line.

Additional Jive Features

Our call center management software offers all the features your company needs to succeed.

  • Call Queues
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • CRM Integrations
  • Prioritize Inbound Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Supervisory Features
  • Weighting’ Inbound Calls
  • Historical Call Reports
  • Real-Time Queue Report
  • Historical Contact Reports
  • Historical Agent Report
  • Contact Resolution Report
  • Report Exports

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Voicemail Settings

Multiple phone lines mean you have more messages to keep organized. Jive’s voicemail settings allow you to configure each line to send text and email alerts when a message is received. Activating Jive’s voice to email feature lets you access your messages from your inbox via an audio file. You can also select from several playback and recording options and easily change your password, all from your online account. To access your voicemail settings, choose the line you want to change and click on the Voicemail Settings tab in the top toolbar.

Why Choose Jive?

Backed by LogMeIn, a world leader in communications, Jive’s virtual voicemail system allows you and your employees to access their voicemail from their desk and smartphone devices over the internet, keeping your employees connected and simplifying the way you do business. Additional advantages include:

  • • Strong support structure 
  • • Proven track record
  • • 24/7 support 365 days a year
  • • Backed by LogMeIn (a world leader in communications) 
  • • Low price
  • • Teleconferencing capabilities through GoToMeeting

Jive Integrates with

Jive redtail
Jive android

Voicemail Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my voicemail?

Each line through Jive’s system has its own voicemail that you can customize with a personalized greeting, email notifications, and message retrieval options. Follow these steps to quickly and easily set up your virtual voicemail box:

  • 1. Click the “Lines” option in the left sidebar.
  • 2. Choose the voicemail line you’d like to set up or change.
  • 3. Configure the settings using the Voicemail tab.
  • 4. Click Save.

How to record a custom voicemail greeting?

To record a custom voicemail greeting, follow these four simple steps:

  • 1. Access the voicemail menu by dialing *99 from your Jive phone or pressing the messages key and entering your password.
  • 2. Press 0 for a list of mailbox options.
  • 3. Press the corresponding number for the type of message you want to record.
    •     a. Press 1 to record an unavailable message.
    •     b. Press 2 to record a busy message.
    •     c. Press 3 to record a name that is followed by an automated message.
    •     d. Press 4 to record a temporary message.
  • 4. Click Save.

How do I change my Voicemail password?

Every Jive voicemail box comes preset with the four-digit password “0000.” You can change your password anytime by following these steps:

  • 1. Access your voicemail menu.
  • 2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.
  • 3. Press 5 to change your password.
  • 4. Enter your new password code and press #. Every password must be at least four digits.
  • 5. Re-enter your new password and press #.
  • 6. Use your new password the next time you access your voicemail box.

Does it cost more money to have extra voicemail boxes or sound clips?

No, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of voicemail boxes or sound clips.

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