Unlimited Auto-Attendants

With Jive, you can create an unlimited number of auto-attendants. Auto-attendants are similar to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, except that the caller uses their keypad to choose an option rather than their voice. Create unlimited auto-attendants easily within the Visual Dial Plan Editor by dragging and dropping the correct elements onto the canvas. Customize with your own sound clips, menu options, and even hidden menu options. For more on auto-attendants, see Auto-Attendant.

Common Use Case

If the main line at your business needs to have a lot of options, an auto-attendant offers the functionality to accommodate those. Set up an initial auto-attendant to greet callers, giving them options to hear the company directory, dial by extension, or go to different departments. It’s common to use multiple auto-attendants when a specific department desires a set of options to greet the caller once they get to their specific extension from the main menu (i.e., A caller selected Billing in the main auto-attendant, then is given the option of different individuals or different account types within the billing department).


Can I record my own sound clips on my auto-attendants?
Yes, sound clips are easily configured and recorded using your own own phone, laptop, or other device in Jive’s administrator portal.