Paging allows users to quickly reach another colleague by communicating over the two-way speakerphone without waiting for a ring. Paging is particularly useful for brief, urgent messaging or for broadcasting announcements to several colleagues (or a department) at once.

To page, simply dial a “*” (star) before dialing the extension number. Jive can also integrate with existing paging/intercom equipment.

Common Use Case

Check in with a colleague to ask a quick question or announce a visitor who’s walking toward his or her office. Is your message urgent? Don’t wait to be sent to voicemail—use intercom for an immediate connection.


Who has access to paging?
By default, paging is accessible to all users. However, for convenience, privacy, and administrative flexibility, this feature can be deactivated on an extension‐by‐extension basis.

How do I send a page?
Simply dial ‘*’ (star) before the extension number.

Can I create paging groups?
Yes. An unlimited number of paging groups, or zones, can be created with each account. A page may be sent to a zone to send an announcement (see intercom). Two‐way audio is only available in “one‐to‐one” handset paging.