Hot Desking

Hot desking is a feature that allows multiple employees to share workspace and devices—in this case, phones. Simply commandeer any hot desk-enabled phone by dialing *43 and entering your roaming profile username and password. Once the phone reboots, it’s all yours. The phone will access your Caller ID to make outbound calls, store voicemails, and receive your extension’s incoming calls. Even your personally programed speed dials and directories remain intact. Sharing workspaces and devices saves companies money, so this is a popular feature for businesses with remote employees who occasionally come into the office, as well as offices that rotate schedules to economize work space. With hot desking feature, employees can work at any company desk, office, or building—wherever they’re needed.

Common Use Case

You’re early today, so most of the desks are empty, including the one you like that’s next to a window. So you plant yourself there, adjust the chair, plug your laptop into the docking station, and punch your code into the phone. Your phone automatically populates your directory, programs your speed dials, and adopts all your personalized settings. It’s your office phone now, until you log out. This is the perfect setup if you’re an auditor, visiting from a different company location, or implementing a shared-desk plan. You deserve a desk and phone, too. Once you’re finished and ready to leave the office, simply hit the logout button on the phone and it reboots to its previous state.

Hot Desking FAQs

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