Conferencing (3-way)

Meet with two different parties simultaneously by simply hitting the conference button while on a call and dialing the number of the third party you wish to invite. Warm or blind transfers are also available while conferencing.

Common Use Case

Need more collaboration? With conferencing, you can easily dial a third party into your current conversation without dropping your current call. Dial-in conference calling is also available for up to 10-24 callers per conference call depending on the device (see Conference Bridge).


Can I merge two calls?
Yes. If you find yourself moving between calls, simply merge the conversations from your handset to create a three-way conference calls.

Can one person be hidden during a three-way conference call?
Yes. This is referred to as “whisper mode” and is part of Jive’s eavesdrop feature set.

Will quality of a call diminish if a person is added?
No. Quality remains the same before, during, and after three-way conference calling.