Cloud PBX

A cloud PBX system is a telephony solution completely managed, stored, and maintained over the Internet through cloud computing technology, rather than on hardware that an end-user owns.

Subscribing to a cloud-based (or ‘hosted’) telephony solution provides several major advantages over the alternative of purchasing and maintaining your own on-premise VoIP system. Among others, these benefits include:

  • Substantial Cost Savings. Cloud-based PXB telephony requires very low initial capital investments (especially if a data network already exists). In most cases, IP phones are the only capital expenditures necessary, while on-premises technologies require large capital outlay for servers, phones, cables, switchboards, installation, and licensing contracts.
  • Burden of Maintenance. In a cloud solution, the burden of maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, and general upkeep shifts from your shoulders to the provider’s. This saves additional time, money, and effort.
  • Features and Flexibility. Unlike traditional PBX systems, new features are added seamlessly without a need for new equipment or licenses. In addition, the Cloud PBX let’s organizations expand without limitation—the same system supporting 10 handsets can scale up to 100,000 handsets or more.
  • Maximized Reliability. Because cloud systems are often housed in several datacenters across the country, survivability increases dramatically and responsibility for redundancy (and any outages) relies solely on your provider and the quality of the WAN connection.
Jive’s Hosted VoIP solution offers all of the benefits above and more. Because Jive has built and maintains our proprietary platform, Jive Cloud, we offer unlimited features in a single, all-inclusive package and our flexibility is unmatched. Ownership of Jive Cloud also provides for rapid application development and extremely fast turnaround on technical support.

Why a Cloud PBX for your Business?

Businesses that insist on owning their own on-premise telephone hardware are often bound to those systems until they become obsolete, resulting in high out-of-pocket expenses to purchase a new phone system. In contrast, because the amount of equipment required by a cloud solution in minimal and software is updated continually, the risk of obsolescence is virtually non-existent. There’s no need to switch out hardware or rearrange your existing infrastructure. One of the greatest advantages is that cloud PBX solutions allow administrators to control their system 100%—from anywhere, anytime, at their fingertips. In real-time, user administrators can adjust dial plans, upload hold music, view reports, and make all moves, adds, and changes online. Too much to do? Let your provider handle it. Through the cloud, virtually the entire system can be administered through remote technical support, and on-site maintenance or configuration is rarely required. Only a purely cloud-based solution offers this level of control and flexibility, providing all of the benefits of an enterprise-grade telephony system without any of the cost, worry, or hassle.