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As your business needs evolve, Jive’s cloud PBX system evolves with you. With low startup costs and fast deployment, your system can be up and running in less than a day. Cloud-based technology eliminates the need for bulky hardware, meaning your employees can work from anywhere, using any device they choose. Plus, a hosted cloud PBX (private branch exchange) is highly flexible and easy to reconfigure, allowing you to add or reduce capacity as your organization grows and changes.

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Jive cloud pbx phone system

Why a Cloud PBX for Your Business?

When on-premises telephone hardware becomes obsolete, it can be expensive and time consuming to purchase and install a new phone system. When you switch to a cloud-based solution, the amount of equipment required is minimal and the software is updated continually, meaning your system is always up to date with the newest fixes and features. And you’ll never need to replace or find space for bulky hardware.

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Advantages of Jive cloud PBX

Subscribing to a cloud-based (or “hosted”) telephony solution provides several major advantages over purchasing and maintaining your own on-premises VoIP system. Among others, these benefits include:

Substantial Cost Savings

Cloud-based PBX telephony has a low startup cost, especially if a data network already exists. Unlike on-premises systems that require expensive servers, phones, cables, switchboards, installation, and licensing contracts, a cloud-based PBX typically only requires you to purchase IP phones.

Burden of Maintenance

In a cloud solution, the burden of maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, and general upkeep shifts from your shoulders to the provider’s. This saves additional time, money, and effort.

Features and Flexibility

Unlike traditional PBX systems, new features are added seamlessly without needing new equipment or licenses. In addition, the cloud PBX enables organizations to expand without limitation—the same system supporting 10 handsets can scale up to 100,000 handsets or more.

Maximized Reliability

Because cloud systems are often housed in several datacenters across the country, survivability increases dramatically. Responsibility for redundancy (and any outages) relies solely on your provider and the quality of the WAN (wide area network) connection.

Why Choose Jive?

Backed by LogMeIn, a world leader in communications, Jive’s cloud-based phone system links all your desk and smartphone devices over the internet, keeping your employees connected and simplifying the way you do business. Our mobile app makes it easy to manage your cloud PBX from anywhere, with minimal startup costs and no expensive hardware to purchase, its low price will save your business money. Additional advantages include:

  • • Strong support structure 
  • • Proven track record
  • • 24/7 support 365 days a year
  • • Backed by LogMeIn (a world leader in communications) 
  • • Low price
  • • Teleconferencing capabilities through GoToMeeting

Additional Jive Features

Our call center management software offers all the features your company needs to succeed.

  • Call Queues
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • CRM Integrations
  • Prioritize Inbound Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Supervisory Features
  • Weighting’ Inbound Calls
  • Historical Call Reports
  • Real-Time Queue Report
  • Historical Contact Reports
  • Historical Agent Report
  • Contact Resolution Report
  • Report Exports

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Cloud PBX Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud PBX vs. Traditional Phone Comparison

A traditional phone system gives businesses the ability to connect employees across all lines of business, but the need for physical equipment means it requires expensive hardware and certified technicians every time you need an upgrade or repair. The cost of installing, configuring, and maintaining a traditional system is high, without the flexibility of adding or reducing capacity as your business needs change. And since your entire business is dependent on one system, there’s no backup in place in case of a power outage or if your office is inaccessible.
As modern businesses continue to evolve, the need for flexibility is as important as ever. A cloud PBX system can be reconfigured almost immediately, by anyone and from any device, allowing your system to scale as your organization grows. Multiple servers mean there is no single point of failure, so your system will continue to run even if your office is compromised. And since cloud-based technology requires little money to install and maintain, upgrading to a cloud PBX system will save your company a lot of money.

What are the Advantages of a Cloud PBX System?

One of the greatest advantages is that cloud PBX solutions allow administrators to control their system 100%– from anywhere, anytime, at their fingertips. In real time, user administrators can adjust dial plans, upload hold music, view reports, and make all moves, adds, and changes online.

How is a Cloud PBX System Maintained?

Through the cloud, virtually the entire system can be administered through remote technical support, and on-site maintenance or configuration is rarely required. Too much to do? Let your provider handle it. Only a purely cloud-based solution offers this level of control and flexibility, providing all of the benefits of an enterprise-grade telephony system without any of the cost, worry, or hassle.

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