Call Recording

Record some or all of the calls to and from your account. Administrators can allow PBX-wide recording, or set up recording on specific phone numbers and extensions. Your recordings are stored in the cloud, so you can access your call recordings from virtually anywhere.

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Common Use Case

Track quality assurance by recording your customer service calls for later review. Or if you have an important call coming up, rather than try to stay focused while taking notes, simply record your call for later review.

Call Recording FAQs

How do I record a call manually vs automatically?

These options can be selected online through the Jive User Portal. However, recording cannot be “turned on” mid-call—it must be selected before the call takes place.

Can I record any conversation with anyone if I’m not an administrator?

By default, recording is only allowed to administrators, but any user (or groups of users) can be given recording permission at the administrators’ discretion.

How many minutes of recording can be stored? Is there an extra cost for storage?

Recorded calls are stored in the cloud. Currently, this requires that an Amazon S3 account (cloud-based storage) is configured. There is minimal charge from Amazon S3 for maintaining a storage account; 1 Gig typically stores about 5,000 minutes of recorded calls. Jive will automatically create storage folders for each year, with first and second-level folders for each month and day, respectively. Recorded calls will be available no later than the start of the next business day and can be accessed directly through your Amazon S3 account portal or through the S3 Browser. Alternatively, some Jive-Supported VoIP handsets have a local recording option. This allows for a call to be recorded directly from the phone to a USB thumb drive connected directly to a port on the phone. These files are saved as .WAV files.

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