Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring lets you monitor a current call on any extension or line without call interruption or intervention.

Call Monitoring has three modes:

  1. Spy mode allows the monitor to enter an existing conversation silently without interrupting the ongoing call; neither the agent nor the caller is notified of the monitor’s presence.
  2. Whisper mode allows the monitor to speak to the agent while remaining invisible (silent) to the caller. This is especially useful when training a new agent on incoming calls.
  3. Barge mode allows the monitor to join an on-going conversation between two parties, being heard by both.d by both.

Common Use Case

As a customer service or sales manager, your team receives a high volume of calls. Feel free to monitor any representative without interference, feed your representative valuable information during the call, or join the conversation as a third party. This feature is especially useful for training purposes and quality assurance. Calls can also be recorded. See call recording.

Call Monitoring FAQs

Can I barge in on a call?

Yes. While monitoring a call session, the monitor may switch between the spy, whisper, or barge mode as desired.

Who has permission to monitor calls?

Only administrators have permission to monitor by default, although any user or group of users can be given permission.

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