Auto-attendants provide callers with automated answering, prompting, and call routing based on caller input, without the need for a live attendant. Callers can still exit out of the auto-attendant or dial their party’s extension at any time. Unlimited auto-attendants are included with every Jive solution.

Common Use Case

When customers call in, they can listen to a brief message and then select the department they’d like to be directed to.

Auto-Attendants FAQs

What if the auto-attendant doesn’t give me an option for my desired department?

Auto-attendant options are unlimited and entirely customizable. Destinations can include any extension, voicemail, call queue, or dial plan. Options can also vary based on a pre-determined schedule (e.g., office hours, holiday hours, etc.)

What if I don’t hear all of the options the auto-attendant gives me?

Customers can replay the auto-attendant options if desired.

Can I customize the voice of my auto-attendant?

Yes. Any recorded message may be uploaded as a .WAV file and used as an auto-attendant.

How many options can an auto-attendant supply?

All auto-attendants come with an unlimited number of options.

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