Extension Transferring

With extension transferring, you can transfer a call to another extension with an announcement or blind transfer the call. In a blind transfer, the receiver is uninformed where the call came from, and the transferrer can redirect the call without speaking to the target. Alternatively, during a warm (soft) transfer the transferrer can speak with the target before redirecting the call and the receiver can see the transferrer’s extension.

Common Use Case

A call is received that needs to be redirected to a different department. Simply dial the correct extension and choose to have the transfer announced or blindly redirected.


Is there a special dial or code I have to know to transfer to someone’s extension?
No. Simply press the transfer button, followed by the user’s extension.

What is the difference between a blind transfer and a warm (soft) transfer?
During a blind transfer, the call is transferred without speaking to the receiver first; also, the receiver will not see the transferring party’s caller ID. During a warm transfer, the transferor can speak to the receiver before transferring the call and the transferor’s caller ID will appear on the receiver’s handset.