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Jive Safety Suite

Jive Safety Suite is a budget-conscious solution that leverages your existing phone and paging systems to launch a coordinated emergency response.

Alert students, staff, and emergency services.

Seamlessly integrate your phones, bell, intercom, and paging systems to quickly send a single campus alert through all your IP devices. It’s also easy to add endpoints like panic buttons that immediately connect you to emergency services.

Lockdown your school in an instant.

Trigger a group page or a school-wide lockdown, even if you’re not at your desk. Whether you’re on campus or off, you can use a mobile app on any device, or a nearby desk phone, to lock down your school without delay.

Manage and update your system online.

Jive’s flexible online admin portal gives you easy access to your safety measures so you can update them on the go. Add zones and locations and change system configurations with a few simple clicks on your computer.

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