Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions by public sector institutions about the Federal E-Rate program. Jive offers Priority 1 eligible services under the Federal E-Rate program. Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding E-Rate, USAC, or the E-Rate funding application process.  

How can I apply for E-Rate?

To apply for E-Rate funding visit the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) section at the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) website:  

Where can I get more information on the E-rate program?

The SLD section of the USAC website is filled with information on processes, forms, and trainings for E-Rate applicants in cities across the U.S. Visit the following links for more specific information from SLD: Jive Education is also good source of information on the E-Rate program. Please check the Overview, Information, and FAQ pages in the E-Rate section of the website. In addition, Jive Education offers white papers, datasheets, and on-demand webinars on SLD and E-Rate information in the Resources section.  

Is the E-rate program subject to audits?

Yes. Please read the E-Rate compliance guidance information provided by SLD.  

What is a SPIN and why is it important?

SPIN stands for Service Provider Identification Number. The SLD keeps track of the hundreds of vendors providing services to schools and libraries around the country by assigning each vendor a unique SPIN based on their Form 498 application. To continue to participate in the E-rate Program each year, Service Providers must file a Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC) using Form 473. Only Service Providers who provide services on a common carrier basis are eligible to provide services for the Telecommunications Service category.  

What services does Jive offer that qualify for E-Rate?

Jive offers many E-rate eligible services in the categories of Telecommunications and Internet Access, Interconnected VoIP, and Internal Connections as well as Basic Maintenance of those Internal Connections. Jive Education Services:
  • Jive Hosted VoIP
  • Jive Hosted Video
  • Jive Hosted Email
  • Jive Broadband
E-rate funding is available for four total categories of service in two priorities, and Jive Communications provides services in all of them. Please speak to your Jive Education Account Executive, or contact the general Public Sector Sales team at 866-768-5426. Disclosure: Jive can discuss our products and services prior to the posting of your Form 470, which begins the competitive bidding process. Once the Form 470 is filed Jive is restricted to the role of bidder.  

Once awarded funding for a Jive SPIN, what should I expect?

You will receive an Jive welcome notice and instructions from the Jive Education team. This will include checklists and all required documentation for your PIA reviews. E-Rate disbursements methods are: a) Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) – Form 472 b) Service Provider Invoice (SPI) – Form 474 Details on the BEAR and SPI process are available at the SLD section of the USAC web site: