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Jackson Hewitt

About Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is one of the largest tax preparation services in the U.S. The company prepares over 2.5 million computerized federal, state, and local individual income-tax returns every year. It operates more than 6,800 franchised and company-owned locations throughout the country, including nearly 3,000 located in Walmart stores and more than 400 Sears stores nationwide.

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Industry: Tax Services

"Jive helps support Jackson Hewitt’s 5,763 franchise locations throughout the U.S., allowing their phone systems to function as one uniform entity."


Jackson Hewitt employs several remote agents who need to reach the main office’s extension on a regular basis. However, Jackson Hewitt’s on-premises service provider was incapable of integrating single-site phones into the main system. Creating a new system for every remote employee would have been too expensive, and relying on the agents’ cell phones still prevented them from integrating with the extension network. Jive incorporated all of Jackson Hewitt’s remote employees into the main system. Jive uses a pay-per-device model, so the expansion was affordable and gave all agents full access to all features and functionality available on the headquarters’ phones.

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