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Heart of Los Angeles

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About Heart of Los Angeles

In neighborhoods overrun by poverty and crime, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) invests in youth to build stronger communities. The organization started 25 years ago with just a handful of kids in a dilapidated gym. Today, HOLA serves over 2,300 youth from ages 6 to 24. An impressive 98% of HOLA’s seniors graduated from high school, and over 95% now attend college.

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Industry: Nonprofit

"HOLA users had no difficulty switching over to the new system and enjoyed how easily they could update system settings. With the Jive solution in place, HOLA also noticed savings in their expenses as a result of not having to maintain four separate phone systems."


Heart of Los Angeles operates on a limited budget, leaving limited funds for infrastructure. Its campus had four buildings, each with its own phone system. Without a centralized system, making campus wide changes was a challenge, and as the system aged, reliability became a concern. Jive was able to connect HOLA’s campus without requiring any expansions in infrastructure. With a centralized system in place, changes to phone settings were easy to update and maintain through Jive’s intuitive, browser-based administrator portal.

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