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Club Pasion Soccer

About Club Pasion Soccer

Club Pasion Soccer is an online specialty store for soccer players and fans. The company has over 1000 sites in Mexico and currently has a network with more than 20,000 members.

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Industry: Retail

"Jive integrated all 1,000 of Club Pasion Soccer’s locations under one phone system."


Club Pasion Soccer had a legacy phone system that wasn’t getting the job done. The company was growing too fast, had too many locations, and when a store’s phones went down, it hurt the company’s revenue and brand. Jive integrated its phone system with Club Pasion Soccer’s legacy system, giving the company the freedom to upgrade to Jive’s system at its own pace. As Jive’s implementation progressed, Club Pasion Soccer found it could easily bring all its locations into one system. Outages became rare, and even when a store’s phones went down, employees could redirect calls either on the fly or set up failover options to another phone, or even to a cellphone.

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