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Custom Schedules

Custom Schedules


Custom schedules allow user administrators to configure time-based call routing. Most commonly used for open/closed business hours, schedules can also be set for holidays and special events. Schedules can be made in advance—complete with a custom dial plan—and then automatically activated upon your departure (schedules can be activated manually if desired). Custom greetings can also be included with any custom schedule. This feature allows administrators to set the entire year’s schedule in only one step, without having to manually change call routing again.

Common Use Case

The office is closed during the holiday, and you don’t want to leave your customers in the dark. Create a holiday schedule (that day or months in advance) to take care of your customers no matter the day or time.


Are there pre-recorded holiday greetings?

Custom, pre-recorded holiday greetings may be uploaded as a .WAV file and played automatically according to the determined schedule.

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