Custom Messages

Your greetings don’t have to be limited to voicemail and auto-attendants—create a custom message to use at any point in your dial plan. Messages can be played to all callers, only those reaching a specific department, or even to specific VIP callers based on their number. Import your notifications and marketing messages in just a few easy steps, and update and change them in real time right from your desk phone.

Common Use Case

Want to inform your customers that “this call may be recorded” even before the phone rings? Just upload your message straight into your online PBX and place it in your dial plan. Callers can now hear your custom message. Likewise, you can set up a custom message to be played to all callers who selected a specific menu option (new inquiries, for example) informing them of specific information. This can be helpful for organizations who plan events—just create an auto-attendant option to hear information about upcoming events.


Can I add a custom message before the auto-attendant in a dial plan?
Yes. Messages may be played at any point in the dial plan.

Does the file have to be specified as a .WAV file?
Yes. Currently only .WAV files are supported. These sound files can be recorded right from your phone or a number of other audio devices.