Jive’s Cisco phone warranty.

Warranty Information

Jive customers who purchase Cisco phones will have up to five years of warranty coverage. The table below shows how the Cisco phone warranty from Jive compares to other phone warranties.

Manufacturer Warranty Period
Cisco Up to 5 Years
Polycom 1 Year
Yealink 1 Year
Vtech 2 or 3 Years*
Panasonic 1 Year

*ErisStation conference phones 2 years; ErisTerminal phones 3 years

The warranty periods shown above reflect typical manufacturers’ warranties only, except for Cisco phones. All manufacturers’ warranties are on the terms provided by the manufacturer.

The Cisco warranty period consists of the Cisco manufacturer’s warranty plus an extended warranty from Jive that begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and extends for the lesser of four additional years or until the end of the customer’s service contract with Jive, up to five years total.

This extended warranty from Jive covers defects but not user damage or damage from outside causes such as a power surge. Jive shall replace, refund, or repair the defective phone at Jive’s sole discretion. When shipping a replacement, Jive shall use commercially reasonable means to make the shipment within ten working days after receiving a valid RMA request. Actual delivery times may vary depending on customer location.

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