Caller ID (CID)

Caller ID is a 15 character name attributed to a caller, shown on the phone console receiving a call. With Jive, Caller ID is fully customizable. For example, Jive has options for modifying caller ID for outgoing or incoming calls, allowing you to control what information you see before you pick up a call.

Common Use Case

For incoming calls, you can set up a Modify Caller ID node in your dial plan to modify the Caller ID of an incoming caller based on the menu option they choose in the auto-attendant. If you’re an employee who takes calls in several departments (maybe you take both support and sales calls), you can set up Modify Caller ID nodes so you know if the incoming caller is looking for support or sales before you even pick up the phone.

For outgoing calls, use your Find Me/Follow Me settings to ensure you can answer calls on any of your devices while still showing a single, consistent caller ID. This way you can conduct business on the fly without giving out personal cell numbers or missing connections because people didn’t recognize your number.