Call Routing

Call routing refers to Jive’s ability to get your call connected to the correct endpoint. Another name for the call routing path is the dial plan. In the past, call routing in business phone systems was a complicated set of instructions to make sure everything connected properly. With Jive, you can see all call paths visually by mapping out your dial plans using our award-winning visual dial plan editor. It eliminates the confusion and gives you ultimate freedom in deciding where calls go and how your company calling options are organized.

Common Use Case

This feature is beneficial when every call made on the system is routed. The system does the routing, but you configure the settings for where you want the call to go. It’s simple to do. For example, you can set up your business line to answer after one ring then be directed to an auto-attendant, which will give the caller several options to choose from. You control those options, so you can really make the experience right for your customer.