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Call Analytics

Also known as: Call Logs, Call Reports

Call analytics let you maximize your efficiency by viewing your macro and micro phone-traffic patterns. These include data such as “mean/min/max” reports and time-of-day reports for all extensions and numbers, geography-based heat maps, and downloadable CDRs. Filters can be applied that sort data by call count, time of day, call duration, caller geography, call routing information, and more.

Common Use Case

Understanding when the bulk of your daily calls arrives can help you more efficiently manage your staff and plan marketing campaigns. Call analytics make it easy to analyze these numbers to create the best customer experience possible.


Can I export my reports to my computer? Yes. Reports can be downloaded as .CSV files. Do call analytics save past statistics to view and compare later? Call analytics portray statistics covering the past 90 days, but may be downloaded as a .CSV file for later viewing. Can I access call analytics myself or can only an admin? Users can access call analytics specific to their extension only. Administrators can view all call analytics. What does it cost to enable this feature? This feature is provided for no additional charge. How can I view my call analytics? Call analytics are available online through the Jive User Portal—this means they can be viewed at any time, anywhere there is Internet access.