Jive Contact Center Pro

Your enterprise contact
center in the cloud

Jive Contact Center Pro is an intelligent, scalable, and powerful cloud contact center solution powered by inContact, the industry leader in contact center software. Enjoy productivity-enhancing contact center tools designed to deliver the best service to your customers.

Jive Contact Center service starts as low as

Jive Contact Center

Affordable call center
capabilities for real time and
historical queue reporting.

Jive Contact Center Pro

Enterprise-grade for
multi-channel and outbound
dialer contact centers.

Powered by inContact
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
CRM Integrations
Prioritize Inbound Calls
Call Recording
Supervisory Features
‘Weighting’ Inbound Calls
Historical Call Reports
Real-Time Queue Report
Historical Contact Reports
Historical Agent Report
Contact Resolution Report
Report Exports
Custom Reports
Skills-Based Routing
Omnichannel Interface
Automatic Call Back
Database Connectivity
Agent Scripting
Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Speech Analytics


Have everything you need to serve a caller without needing to click back and forth between different applications. Jive Contact Center Professional provides easy, intuitive interfaces with leading business applications like Salesforce.com, Outlook, and Google.

Superior Service

Win your callers’ trust by quickly connecting them to the right person. You can configure Jive Contact Center Pro to ensure high-value customers receive priority and move ahead in the queue—or route them to a special priority customer queue. If wait times stretch too long, Jive’s callback feature lets your customers request a return phone call and avoid waiting on hold altogether.

Multichannel Capabilities

Now your callers can reach you using whatever channel is most convenient for them. With Jive Contact Center Pro, enjoy a single, simple-to-use platform that’s compatible IVR, chat, email, fax, click-to-dial web calls, and even social media entries.

Increased Productivity

All contact types are handled through one Jive Contact Center Pro interface, increasing productivity and eliminating time spent toggling back and forth between screens. Supervisors and administrators will find all the information they need to run a world-class contact center: easy management of agents, skills, inbound and outbound campaigns, reporting, dispositions, and point of contacts.