Jive Mobile

Take business calls on your cell phone with our mobile software

Take your business communications with you on your mobile device with Jive Mobile. Talk, text, chat, or video anywhere, not just the office. Enhance your productivity and never miss another call.

Business calls ring your cell phone.

Transform your employees’ mobile devices into an extension of their office phones or into standalone cloud phones. Install the Jive Mobile softphone application (free with the purchase of a Jive Voice seat).

Carry your business communications in the palm of your hand.

Being out of the office shouldn’t slow you down. Facilitate easy communication and collaboration between employees, suppliers, and clients. Access calls, voicemail, video, chat, and text through one mobile interface.

Collaborate on the go

Select from Jive Mobile’s suite of collaborative tools—including voice, video, and chat—to optimize your effectiveness if you’re in the office, at the airport, or at home.


Chat with other users in your phone network. Send and receive SMS messages on your business phone number.

Video Calling

Cut down on travel time and expenses for those important face-to-face meetings. With Jive Mobile, you can start and receive point-to-point video calls on your device.


Create location-based rules that automatically turns on/off Do Not Disturb and other call rules, depending on if you’re in the office or at home.

Feature List

With Jive Mobile, you can access your desk phone’s features
even when you’re not at your desk, including features like:

  • Extension dialing
  • Call hold/unhold
  • Blind and warm transfers
  • Conference calls
  • Split calls
  • Extension-to-extension video calling
  • Call history
  • Callback from history
  • Chat/SMS
  • Location-based call rules
  • Choose ringtone
  • Create new contacts
  • Intercom