New York Hosted PBX


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The most populous city in the United States, New York is a legendary business centre and a perfect place to deploy our Hosted PBX for your own business. Why? Well, let’s be honest – living and running a company in the Big Apple can be costly. Traditional phone service can take a chunk out of your monthly revenues the size of Central Park.Here’s how Easy Office Phone’s Hosted PBX can help you save, whether you’re in the 646, 718, 917, 347, or the famous 212 area code. First, unlike a legacy PBX, our service doesn’t require you to purchase the telecommunications “box.” You’ve seen these before – complicated steel units in the back rooms of companies with dozens of wires running in and out. They typically cost $1500 or more, and they’re totally unnecessary with Easy Office Phone, as our technology is entirely cloud-based, or hosted.You’ll also keep saving every month. With a wealth of features included at no extra cost – such as long-distance calling, voicemail to e-mail, customizable menus and conference calling – you won’t have to haggle like a Times Square street vendor to get the functionality that’s important to your business.

Work from Anywhere in New York

You’re no longer tied to your office! Our Hosted PBX will let you work from your portable computer or smartphone, giving you free reign of all five boroughs. Catch the subway to Citi Field for a Mets game and rest assured that you can make and receive calls from your laptop…when the crowd stops cheering, of course.

More into individual sports? Grab your iPhone or Android phone, slip into your running shoes and head out for a jog alongside the Hudson River, down to Battery Park. With a variety of smartphone apps, our service will let you answer those important calls wherever you are. Just remember to catch your breath before picking up.

Extensive Feature Set

Get all the features you need and want for doing business in New York. Our Hosted PBX product includes:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Long-distance Calling (North American)
  • Voicemail, Voicemail to Cell Phone or to E-mail
  • Caller ID
  • Keep Your Existing Numbers
  • Local and Toll-Free Numbers
  • No Busy Signals (with selected plans)
  • Powerful and user-friendly Interface

…and much more!

Get the Perfect New York Number

As you’re no doubt aware, New York numbers are extremely popular, meaning that area codes in high demand are often hard to obtain. For example, many businesses want an attractive, easily remembered number in the 212 area code, but are daunted by the extremely high acquistion costs (some New York 212 numbers sell for tens of thousands of dollars). Easy Office Phone is able to offer a wide range of New York numbers, including 212 numbers, at reasonable monthly rates and without exorbitant initial costs. Get a Quote today to get started!