Welcome to Jive – Q&A

Easy Office Phone is excited to announce that we are now a division of Jive Communications. Jive is an industry leader in enterprise-grade Hosted Communications across North America.Jive shares EOP’s passion for becoming the premier Hosted Communications provider. Our combined resources will accelerate this goal, and enable us to meet and exceed your business needs.Enjoy the same user-friendly portal and intuitive web tools, while our existing team continues to deliver the same great pricing, service, and support. There will be further benefits for you over time as we release new features and services to current and new clients.

Q: Will this have any impact on accounts and their configuration?
A: Your account won’t be impacted, nor (if you are a Partner) will your customers’. All the features of your account, such as numbers and call flow, will stay as they are, without any interruption to service.

Q: Will my billing change?
A: The only change on your billing will be a different name and logo on the invoice. There will be no change to your pricing, nor (if you are a Partner) to your customers’ pricing.

Q: Does this affect my contract?
A: No, it does not. All contracts will remain in place and unchanged.

Q: What about remitting payments?
A: You can continue to make payments as you currently do; there is no need to change the “payable to” name.

Q: Will there be changes to Support?
A:In the near term, you’ll continue to deal with the same friendly, helpful staff, and use the same Support resources. Over time, we’ll be able to deliver expanded Support resources to you.

Q: What else will this mean for me?
A: In time this will mean substantial benefits to our client base, in terms of expanded resources and expertise to better serve your business needs.

Who is Jive?

Jive is a internationally recognized provider of enterprise-grade Unified Communications for public sector and commercial customers around the world. Since 2006, Jive has set the pace for the Cloud communications marketplace. Jive is known for delivering consistent, high-quality Hosted VoIP traditionally associated with premises-based solutions. Through Jive Cloud (our service delivery platform based on open standards) we offer the same services as on-premises solutions without the associated costs, limits on scalability, or complex management and maintenance.

More About Jive

Jive Cloud

All of Jive’s hosted services are run on Jive Cloud, our proprietary, cloud-based platform. Jive Cloud has been purpose-built from the ground up to deliver the most reliable, powerful, and economical hosted communication services on the market.

Strategic Partnerships

Jive leverages partnerships with global leaders in telecommunications services and hardware. Offerings from these vendors, in combination with Jive services, deliver best-in-class hosted communications. A sampling of Jive Partners are below: