Hosted PBX service testimonials

Skolnick Associates

  • Customer Name: Steve Skolnick
  • Title: Vice-President
  • Industry: Marketing Professionals
  • Comments: ""Ok, I was through the ringer with VOIP providers.  First tried another provider (before finding a VoIP review site), the service stunk...very poor quality, turns out the jitter was caused by the underlying carrier right at their location.  They DID honor their 30 day money back guarantee.  Then I used the VoIP review site to find Jive.  Very nice on the phone, responsive to my MANY weird questions, even let me do traceroutes and ping tests to their servers to be sure the jitter was acceptable.  It was great.  They did try to sell me the phones, but I bought Linksys phones instead, they were fine with that.  After a month, we are VERY satisfied and are porting our numbers over.  BTW, BIG TIP...  NEVER port your number to a new provider without testing...  we used call forwarding to forward our main office number TO BE SURE the service is acceptable.  Otherwise we would be stuck with the first provider we tried."

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Market Directors

  • Customer Name: Rob Langlade
  • Title: Director
  • Industry: Websites, software + design
  • Comments: ""Have you ever made a really great choice and felt proud about it afterwards? That's how we feel with this decision!!!Jive is true to their name. The simplicity of setup combined with the absolute flexibility of available options was exactly what we needed! We've been as impressed with the phone system as we are the company and would highly recommend Jive to companies large or small. The advantages are quickly and easily apparent in cost and function. The service options are miles above the competition and are included, not individual add-ons! With the click of a button, we can chat online with their support and within seconds we're speaking with a representative! I have never heard the 'higher than NORMAL call volume' messages associated Bell and Rogers which shows they respect your time. It's been such a nice change!We're a small organization and have appreciated the branding potential of an auto-attendant and our own customized hold music and promotional messages for our clients (To name a few features).The hardware is fantastic. Every consumer report we read stated this and we confirm it as well!The clarity of service for VOIP is unparalleled.The speed of product delivery was excellent.Customer support is extremely knowledgeable!Turnaround times have been wonderful.From a technical end, they further assisted in setting up our softphones to allow for even more flexibility via our laptops when we're out of the office. (We can make, receive and transfer calls remotely).It's easy to subscribe and easy to setup.We're just so impressed all around... keep up the great work!!!""

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The Life Enhancement Centre

  • Customer Name: Faye Elatrash
  • Title: Founder and Director
  • Industry: Hypnotherapy / Coaching
  • Comments: ""The fun started right from the get go with Jive.I was hesitant to move to a VOIP system. I had heard of the many problems that have been experienced from other products and I definitely didn't want to experience that. Well, I haven't!After contacting many Voip vendors and comparing I knew that my best bet was Jive. A no brainer. I am very impressed with the staff. The level of service from sales, technical support is just superb! And, I can't say enough about the product, features and functionality. It's top notch.I have now been a customer with Jive for a year and a half and plan to stay one.""

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Contact Edge Inc.

  • Customer Name: Mandy McLean
  • Title: President & CEO
  • Industry: Communications
  • Comments: ""Jive offers a very sophisticated phone system that is reliable and cost efficient.  The customer service team is eager to help business owners achieve their desired results and excel at providing solutions to meet a growing business's needs.  This VOIP system offers a high quality and cost efficient alternative and allows me to manage every aspect of my business effectively.""

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Acorn Global Investments Inc.

  • Customer Name: J. Gordon Corbett
  • Title: Managing Partner
  • Industry: Finance
  • Comments: ""We are very pleased with Jive. The 6757i has all the features we need and it was incredibly easy to set up. The extremely knowledgeable customer service department has been especially helpful with navigating the more advanced features Easy Office offers. We continue to recommend Jive without hesitation.""

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Smallbox Software

  • Customer Name: Michael Williams
  • Title: Principal
  • Industry: Software
  • Comments: ""The high quality of the voice transmission and the immediacy of the service reinforce the level at which this system operates. Our staff can work from their home offices and reduce the number of times they commute to the office.""

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Trillium Corporate Communications

  • Customer Name: Kevin Lennon
  • Title: President
  • Industry: Public Relations
  • Comments: ""The transition to Jive's Hosted PBX system has been exceptional on a number of levels. Cost savings of more than 50% compared to our old traditional multi-line system is a welcome benefit, but the service and features are what we are most pleased with.Jive's cloud based technology gives us the capability to enhance our service to clients with features like "Find Me-Follow Me" which allows us to answer our main office lines from anywhere, at any time with our smart phones or soft phones. The excellent voice quality and other extremely useful features like voicemail to email allow us to receive and manage calls and messages in a highly collaborative and seamless manner.The features, cost savings, ease of transition and experienced, professional and friendly team at Jive have all contributed to a significant enhancement to our business communication amongst our team, and with our clients."

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Sales Force Training and Consulting

  • Customer Name: Mark Christie
  • Title: President
  • Industry: Sales and Sales Software Training
  • Comments: "I must say that working with you and Jive has been one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time.Sadly, I've come to expect so little from companies these days (I think we all have). But you have really exceeded all my expectations and delivered exactly what you said you would, with consistent and timely follow-up, as well as providing updates and answers when you anticipated issues arising."

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Expedia CruiseShipCenters

  • Customer Name: Les Pierce
  • Title: Owner
  • Industry: Travel
  • Comments: ""We have used Jive since the day we started our business five years ago. In those five years we have not had a single reason to second guess our decision to use Jive or to install a VOIP phone system. Over the past 5 years we have grown by 300% and the systems ability to grow with us has been critical to our growth.""

PODS Moving & Storage

  • Customer Name: Brooke Marvin
  • Title: COO and Managing Partner
  • Industry: Moving & Storage
  • Comments: ""The service and its intuitive web interface have changed the way PODS manages phone service for its various offices. I often have little 'a-ha' moments when I log into the interface and discover something new the service can offer. Each day we're finding more and more benefits to our business.""

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