Canadian based Hosted PBX Examples

A complete Canadian based Hosted PBX solution from Jive is ideal for businesses of any size and type.  Business class voip service plans include an extensive set of features and hosted PBX solutions can be built to your specific needs.  Below are examples (for illustrative purposes) of how Jive can help businesses from different industries project a more established image, reduce communications costs, and improve customer service.

Home Office Example: Micro-Q Networking

John Ashton is the owner of Micro-Q Networking which sells refurbished networking equipment to medium and large sized telecommunications companies. In addition to John, the company employs two full time sales people, Sandra and William who both work from home. John had setup a main company number but whenever a customer called looking for one of his salespeople he had to take down their information and have Sandra or William return the call. John's sales people would often give out their cellular numbers so that clients could call them directly which was costly and confusing to the customer. John served as the technical support contact but his salespeople had no way to transfer calls to him.

John wanted to make his organization more unified and give it a professional image while still allowing his employees to work from home. Using Jive, John setup a custom hosted PBX system and was able to keep his main phone number and create a virtual office presence among his sales team. His existing telephone number was connected to his new hosted PBX system using an auto attendant that could direct calls to each employee in the company. Using the dial-by-name directory feature customers could find his employees using their first or last name. Each employee on the hosted PBX was given a 4-line business telephone, an extension number and a personal voicemail box.

Whenever a customer called the main phone number they heard a friendly greeting and could choose between a specific department, an employee's extension or the operator. The hosted PBX solution allowed each employee to instantly see who was on the phone, transfer callers between extensions and even host conference calls. Sandra and William liked being able to put a caller on hold and call John on the other line to get answers to technical questions.
Whenever a customer called the sales department both Sandra and William's phones rang simultaneously and whoever was available first could answer the call. If nobody was available, the customer could leave a voicemail. Sandra and William saw a great benefit in being able to forward their extensions to - and receive voicemail notification on - their cell phones when they left the office. The hosted PBX solution from Jive helped John project a much larger, more established image at a cost effective monthly rate.

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Cost Savings Example: Quartet Florists

Emily Fong is the owner and operator of Quartet Florists, a small flower shop in Babylon, NY. Her business is very seasonal and experiences a sharp spike in order volume on special occasions such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. In order to meet this increased demand, she employs extra part-time help to take orders. Normally Emily would seldom receive more than three or four customer phone calls at a time but during special occasions it was not unusual for six or seven customers to call at once. This forced Emily to maintain seven telephone lines throughout the year so that she was ready to handle these extra calls.These lines added up to a cost of $250.00 per month, but provided very little value for the rest of the year.

Jive's hosted PBX solution was able to reduce Emily's monthly telephone costs by providing her a "no busy signal" option included with her Business Unlimited hosted PBX service package. Her hosted PBX package was able to allow unlimited concurrent telephone calls on a single telephone number and give her the capacity she needed to handle unexpected call volume at any time throughout the year. This hosted PBX solution assured Emily that she could handle the holiday jump in call volume while keeping her costs down for the rest of the year.

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Local Presence Example: Coastal Realty

Founded in 1994, Coastal Realty markets exclusive properties in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. They selected Jive as their hosted PBX provider after examining the structure of the business and their goals for the future.

David McGarvey started the company in the state of Washington, and expanded it considerably during the 1990's. Near the end of the decade, as it began offering real estate properties in Oregon and B.C., David found that his customers in those areas sometimes had reservations about calling a Washington phone number. This was because his clients, who often dealt with multi-million dollar transactions, usually wanted to talk to a local representative. David had tried using traditional telecom services to obtain numbers in Oregon and B.C. and have them forwarded to the main Washington phone number, but he found that the long distance rates involved were very expensive. At the time (1999), the hosted PBX concept was still to become reality.

After enduring several years of less-than-ideal solutions, David became aware of Jive's hosted PBX technology. He realized that Coastal Realty could obtain virtual numbers in any state and have those numbers sent directly to the main office, without any long distance charges thanks to Jive's virtual PBX plan that includes long distance calling within North America.

Since switching to Jive and setting up a hosted PBX system tailored to their specific business needs, Coastal Realty has been offering local branch numbers through the Pacific Northwest but has also expanded to the East Coast as well, using the same structure. Their new hosted PBX system gives them a local presence wherever they need it, all at a very affordable rate that includes long-distance calling.

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Employee Mobility Example: Williams Consulting

Williams Consulting specializes in marketing strategy and planning for small to medium sized companies across the country. Karen Williams founded the company in 1994 and has steadily grown her customer base year after year. The company currently has 12 full time consultants who often travel between the main office in Phoenix, Arizona and their customer's offices. Karen's team frequently works long hours in hotel rooms or at the customer's premises for days or weeks at a time. Everyone carried a cell phone to receive customer calls or reach other team members. Long-distance and roaming charges really added up as Karen's company did business across Canada. She wanted to reduce her telecommunications costs and make her employees much more accessible.

A hosted PBX from Jive was exactly what Karen needed. We installed a virtual telephone on each employee's laptop so that they could receive calls anywhere with a high speed Internet connection. All they needed was a headset which plugged into the laptop using their X-lite soft phone which was connected to the hosted PBX system. They were then able to make and receive calls as if they were working out of the office in Arizona. Each employee was given their own extension on the hosted PBX system so that customers could call the main office phone number and instantly reach an employee or leave a voicemail if that person was unavailable. Everyone at Williams Consulting had all the power of a feature-rich hosted PBX office telephone solution, including the ability to transfer callers, check voicemail, answer multiple calls, place callers on hold, conduct conference calls etc. Karen valued this solution because her employees could collaborate with each other regardless of their location without incurring long distance charges. Jive's service dramatically reduced Williams Consulting's telecommunications costs while unifying Karen's team.

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Branch Offices Example: Fitness One

Nelson Winters has long had a passion for fitness and in 1992 he opened his first Fitness One club to service the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Over the next few years he opened a few new clubs and by 2001 he had six clubs within a 30 km area of Vancouver. Each fitness club employs a number of personal trainers and customer service staff to answer questions, help customers and provide tours of the facilities. Billing for memberships was handled centrally at one club as were most administrative related functions. Each club had its own phone number which customers could call to get club hours, fitness schedules, general information or answers to billings questions. One of the problems Nelson had was that customers would sometimes call a club for information yet his staff were often busy giving tours, helping customers or on another phone call. Customers would also call about billing questions but since this was handled at another club they had to ask someone to call them back. Nelson was also paying for 18 phone lines because each club had its own phone number and three telephone lines to handle callers.

A hosted PBX solution was the answer to all of Nelson's problems which improved customer service and reduced his monthly costs. When a customer called one of his clubs they were greeted by the hosted PBX's auto attendant which allowed them to get driving directions, club hours, make a billing inquiry or speak with a customer service agent. All billing inquiries were sent directly to the main club so they could be answered swiftly. Each customer service agent was outfitted with a wireless handset so that they could roam anywhere within the club and still answer telephone calls. When a caller wanted to speak with someone in customer service all of the agents phones at the club they called would ring first and if nobody answered, all the phones at the other clubs would ring until an agent answered the call. All employees had the ability to transfer callers to other clubs and employees using their phones and while callers were on hold they heard promotion messages for Fitness One. To save on monthly costs Jive was able to tailor a hosted PBX monthly package which included ten rather than 18 telephone lines to handle calls for all of Nelson's clubs since he didn't need three lines in each location due to the hosted PBX system being centralized.

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