Video Collaboration

Achieve a greater impact with sales calls, product or service demonstrations, or interviews. Communications that require visual contact are an excellent fit for Video Collaboration. For example, a sales representative demonstrating a new smartphone to a corporate customer could easily show him/her the benefits of the device, visually and in real time.
Another highly beneficial application of this feature is increased ease of screening prospective new employees. Where in-person meetings are not convenient, or where managers are tasked with hiring staff who will work remotely, video calls offer a superior means of gauging a prospective employee’s personality and demeanor.
Potential cost savings make the solution even more attractive. Typical Video Collaboration solutions are offered on a per-minute basis, and thus can potentially represent significant monthly fees. Jive customers, however, can add video capability to their Hosted PBX service for a very affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.
This feature is easy to set up and simply requires a soft phone, microphone and webcam.