Sounds Manager

Our Sounds Manager feature allows you to create, record, and manage sound prompts. There are several functions you can accomplish with the Sounds Manager:

Create a New Custom Sound

Go to Administration > Sounds Manager.

From this page, click the blue Add Custom Sound button. Give your new sound a name. If you will be recording the sound via phone, you’re done. If you will be uploading a pre-recorded sound from your computer, click the Browse button beside Upload File.
Once you are finished, click Create Sound and you will now see your new sound appear in the list.
Sounds Manager 1 

Record a Custom Sound via Telephone

Go to Administration > Sounds Manager.

Note the file number (in the leftmost column) of the custom sound you wish to record. Now use your telephone to complete the following steps:

  1. Press an available line, wait to hear the dial tone, then dial *
  2. When prompted, enter your mailbox number and/or mailbox password
  3. When prompted, enter the file number of the sound you wish to record.
  4. Continue following the prompts to listen to your recording, save it, discard and start over, etc.

Use a Sound in Your Account (example)

There are several places in your account where you can use a sound. In this example, we’ll look at Autoattendants.

Go to Administration > Autoattendants.

Click the Edit button beside the Auto Attendant for which you want to use a sound. Under the Auto Attendant Preferences, click the Background Sound dropdown menu, and select the appropriate sound to use. This can be either a Custom Sound you’ve recorded, or a Standard Sound from our system.

Sounds Manager 2When done, click Update Preferences.

Manage Custom Sounds

Go to Administration > Sounds Manager.

Find the sound you wish to change. You now have several options.

  • To hear it, click the Play button to the right.
  • To delete the sound, click the Trash icon.
  • To make changes, click the Edit icon.

If you clicked the edit icon, you now have several options. You can change the sound name, adjust its volume level, or upload a pre-recorded sound to replace the current one.

Once you’ve made your desired changes, click Update Sound.

Review Standard Sounds

Go to Administration > Sounds Manager.

Click the Standard Sounds tab. Here you will see a list of all our standard system sounds. If you like, you can use these sounds in your account. See the above section titled “Use a Sound in Your Account” for a usage example.

Manage Music on Hold

This option lets you create music on hold channels, which can then be selected as your default music on hold for the account. This feature is useful if you wish to use a promotional advertisement or special music that is specific to your company.

Go to Administration > Sounds Manager.
Click the Music on Hold tab. To create a new music on hold channel, click the Add Music on Hold  button. Give your new Channel a name.
Next, click the Manage Tracks icon (looks like a checklist) to upload your own music on hold tracks. Click the Add Track button, then fill in the required details.

Once completed you can select this music on hold channel as your account default. To do this, go to Administration, then Preferences, and select your Default Music on Hold from the dropdown menu.