Jive Voice Upgrade: FAQ

Q. What will be the process, and when will the changes be made?

A. We will call you in the morning before we flip the phones over. We have automated tools to do that.

Q: I want to be sure no disruption to callers will happen.
A. It will not affect ongoing calls. Once we make change calls will start to hit the new PBX. If an extension isn’t registered to the new PBX yet calls will go to voicemail.

Q. What involvement is required from me?

A. Potentially power cycle phones, connect us with a remote desktop on the network, sometimes a factory default of a device.

Q: How about dial plans?

A: These are all built ahead of time. All the sound files are brought over and the menus are built before the migration starts.

Q. Will there be any changes to our contract or for the pricing of Jive services?

A. No, there won’t be changes to your contract or pricing.