Call Forwarding

One of the simplest but most popular features we offer, Call Forwarding is simple to set up (or remove).

Go to Administration > Extensions.

  1. Find the extension for which you want to change call forwarding settings. Click the Edit icon beside that extension. Now click the “Call Forwarding and Availability” tab.
  2. To add call forwarding, in the “Forward Calls” field, enter the ten-digit number to which you wish to forward calls. Enter the number only (no spaces, hyphens or other characters).
  3. If you are instead removing call Forwarding, delete the number in the “Forward Calls” field, so that the field is completely empty.
  4. When you’re finished, simply click Update Extension to complete the change. Allow several minutes for the update to take effect, and then test your call forwarding change to be sure it’s behaving as desired.


Call Forwarding 1