Add or Remove Extensions from Hunt Groups

You can set the outgoing caller ID for each extension in your company, to any of the phone numbers you have with us. Please note that the number must exist within your Easy Office Phone account; you will not be able to use outside numbers for caller ID.

Go to Administration > Hunt Groups.

From this page, click the Edit icon beside the hunt group for which you wish to add or remove Users.

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Next, click the Assign Extensions tab. From this page, it’s simply a matter of clicking the extension(s) in question, to move them between the Not Included and Included columns.

These columns do exactly what they sound – if an extension is in the Included column, it will ring when a call is sent to the Hunt Group, and if it falls under the Not Included column, it will not ring.

Once you are finished, click Update Huntgroup and allow a few minutes for your changes to take effect.

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