Cloud PBX

Cloud-based technologies are all over the media these days. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud printing – the list goes on. So what is aCloud PBX, and how can it help your business? We’ll show you in this primer article. Note: this term is essentially synonymous with Hosted PBX.

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Comparison to Traditional PBX

First off, let’s briefly look at a traditional PBX, which will help us illustrate why a cloud PBX is superior. PBX stands for “private branch exchange.” Basically, this means a relatively sophisticated business phone system that connects various employees together, and provides for features such as voicemail, autoattendants, conference calling, and more. You may have seen a PBX “box” before – it’s a large panel, typically in a back room, with many phone lines coming in and out.Although traditional on-site PBX systems were often powerful, they suffered from a number of distinct drawbacks, including:

  • Initial capital cost: typically, a traditional PBX costs thousands to install and configure
  • Ongoing costs: because changes to a PBX usually mean rewiring, only specialized technicians can service it. This means service costs each time a change is required
  • Lack of flexibility: because a traditional PBX is a physical piece of equipment, it cannot be easily modified or upgraded
  • Redundancy: because the PBX resides only in one location, the company’s phone service is entirely dependent on it. There is no “backup system”

Cloud PBX Benefits

In comparison, a cloud PBX more than outmatches an on-site PBX for feature set. More importantly, cloud technology greatly improves upon the PBX concept, and resolves the pain points of its technological ancestor.Here are some of the many advantages of a cloud-based PBX implementation.

  • Greatly reduced initial capital outlay: there is no “box” to purchase
  • Reduced ongoing costs: clients can easily self-manage a cloud PBX
  • Highly flexible: thanks to cloud technology, your PBX can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice
  • Reliability: a cloud PBX can run on multiple separate servers, meaning there is no single point of failure
  • Grows with you: you can easily add capacity to a cloud-based PBX at any time as your company grows
  • Local Presence: now you can easily have phone numbers in any areas important to your business, even if your staff are physically located elsewhere
  • Deployment time: thanks to its virtual nature, a cloud PBX can be up and running in as little as 24 hours

Cloud Concepts in a Graphic

Although the illustration below is considerably simplified, it demonstrates the fundamental concept behind our cloud technology. You can also click the image below if you’d like to get a quote.