Bria 4 Soft Phone Setup – Mac

Please note that these instructions are designed for the Mac version of the software; for PC setup, see this guide.

Step 1/8: Purchase and install Bria

The first step is to purchase Bria from the developer, Counterpath. Note that you may need to create and log into a Counterpath account. If so, once logged into your account, you will need to use the Downloads link to obtain your software. Please choose the appropriate package for your operating system and download the software to your Desktop or other folder of your choosing.Purchase Bria (opens in new window)Now open the software package you’ve downloaded, and proceed through the installation steps. Once you have finished installing the software, open Bria to begin configuring it for your Easy Office Phone account. Note that the program may require you to update certain other components.

Step 2/8: Choose Configuration Type

The first time you launch the software, you will see a screen prompting you to either select a profile or manually input your configuration. Tap the button labeled “Enter your Configuration Server’s details”, and from the dropdown choose the option “I will manually input my account configuration.”



Step 3/8: Enter License Key

Before proceeding, ensure you have your license key information ready. Note that you may need to create and log into a Counterpath account. If so, once logged into your account, you will need to use the License Manager link to obtain your license key. Then click Continue, and you should now see the screen below. Carefully copy and paste your license key, then click Done.


Step 4/8: Add Account and enter SIP Credentials

Bria will take a moment to save your changes, and then present you with the main program screen. Here you’ll see the message No accounts are enabled. To set up an account, go to Preferences > Account Settings.Click the Account Settings link, then click the Plus icon in the bottom left, and choose Add SIP Account, as shown below.

bria4setup-mac-3-a955058b9648edc3d856fba47fa51ae1 (1)

Give the account an appropriate name (this is particularly helpful if you have multiple accounts registered within Bria).You’ll now need your specific credentials information. Depending on your account’s specific setup, you may have received this information when you first signed up.If not, you can obtain this information by logging into our customer account interface and clicking either a) Home, My Extension (if you are a regular user) or Administration, Extensions (if you are an administrator). Find the extension for which you require credentials, and click “New Softphone Password” which is the lock icon to the right. Please note: this step will reset your credentials for any devices that are currently assigned to your extension. These devices may need to be restarted after you reset your credentials if they do not restart automatically.Once you have clicked New Softphone Password, a new page will open with your credentials. Please copy and paste these, and keep them somewhere safe, as you will need them for the following steps.

User ID:

Enter the username you generated above or received when you signed up (Example:myusername-225)


Enter the domain shown here:


Enter the password you generated above or received when you signed up. Note: this value has nothing to do with the password you use to log into our customer account interface and is entirely separate.

Display Name:

Enter your first and last name (Example: John Smith – note that this value can be changed at will without affecting the soft phone’s functionality)

Authorization Name:

Enter the authorization username you generated above or received when you signed up (Example: myusername-225. Note that this value should be exactly the same as your User ID value)

Domain Proxy

Under the area titled “Domain Proxy,” ensure that there is a checkmark beside “Register with domain and receive incoming calls” (it should be checked by default). Also under this section, the “Send outbound via” option should be set to “Domain.”The following image illustrates how your Bria account page should now appear (values given are examples only; please substitute your own):


Step 5/8: Configure Voicemail

Now click on the ‘Voicemail’ tab to configure your voicemail settings. Ensure that the “Check for voicemail” box is checked (it should be by default).For Number to Dial for Checking Voicemail , enter *98 plus your extension number, with no spaces between characters (Example: Extension 225 would be *98225). Leave the other values unmodified. See below for illustrated example.


Step 6/8: Topology

Change the Firewall Traversal method to “None (use local IP address)” and leave the other settings unmodified.


Step 7/8: Advanced

Now click on the Advanced tab.

These steps are critical for proper connectivity. Please be sure to complete them.
Enter the following values

:Reregister every: 180
Minimum time: 20
Maximum time: 600

Leave the other settings unmodified, ensuring that “Send SIP keep-alives” and “Use rport” are checked (they should be by default).

bria4setup-mac-8-c0a9164256bcf56ba0cbffdac7ef54b8 (1)

Step 8/8: Making and Receiving Calls

To place an outgoing call, simply click the “Enter name or number” field in the main Bria screen, and enter the phone or extension number you wish to call. You can use your keyboard or mouse to enter numbers. Then click the green telephone icon to the right of the number you’ve entered.

When someone calls you a small window will appear, indicating the caller id information of the party calling you. To answer the call click on the green ‘Answer’ button.

When you are on a call, the Bria application window will expand vertically to show you more options for your current call. To hang up the call, press the red telephone icon on the right side of the current call area.