Internet Service

Jive’s Managed Internet delivers a robust and secure Internet service for traditional and cloud-based voice/data applications. Our goal is for your customers to have complete confidence with your ability to provide Internet Service in addition to current IT expertise. You will be able to address the full suite of FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security) mandated by today’s pace of business in a timely and cost-effective manner supported by SLA’s with ourselves and our transport providers.

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Jive delivers private layer 2 or layer 3 transport connections, from your office to our local tier 4 data centers where we provide Internet Transit via diverse paths and carrier grade NAT functions. We can provide Quality of Service (QOS) from the customer to the edge of the Internet; provide public IP addressing and site to site VPN connections on several different configuration models, all of which are managed centrally.

Our diversified portfolio of technology includes: DSL; FTTN; Cable; EOC; LTE; T1; T3; ATM Ethernet extensions; and dedicated Fiber circuits. This ensures we can guarantee 99.99% monthly network availability through diversity and rapid detection/response backed up by our own Service Level Agreement.

  • Position your customers to easily leverage and migrate to less expensive cloud based applications.
  • Managed Internet is designed for applications such as VoIP, Hosted PBX, Video and LAN based computing to reduce operating costs and upfront capital expenditures.
  • Confidently leverage mobile workforce or home-based programs and increase your clients’ overall productivity, security and reliability.
  • Improve the way your customers do global business, with a single point of contact for solution resolution.

Business Security

The service provides a private layer from one office or multiple locations ‘point-to-point’ delivering a private Internet network Canada-wide. The ability to connect multiple locations together into a single private network makes file sharing simple and secure.

Voice Quality

Managed Internet is designed to ensure cloud-based voice and data applications are not impacted by congestion and threats commonly found in the public Internet. Jive’s hosted voice service travels on the private network and is encrypted to deliver voice security and business class communications.

Support & Monitoring

Managed Internet can be monitored and optimized for speed and reliability. It integrates the latest ‘Internet Protocol version 6’ (IPV6), offering a private access layer from the customer’s office to any support center or external IT group.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is achieved with multiple Internet paths and additional redundancy via ‘Long Term Evolution’ (LTE), a private cellular network. Business class service means that traditional Internet congestion is eliminated to deliver smooth and reliable services that you can depend on.

Have confidence with your Internet service and know your data is not traveling in the public domain. Below is an example of our architecture.