Bria Android VoIP App Setup Guide

Step 1/6: Purchase and install Bria

The first step is to purchase Bria from the Play Store. The app costs $7.99 as of this writing. Purchase Bria from Play Store (opens in new window)Now open the app you’ve downloaded. You’ll see a brief loading screen with the logo.


Step 2/6: Accept Terms and Add Account

Accept the terms of use, and you’ll then see a screen labeled “You don’t have active accounts. Please tap on Add Account.” Click that link, then choose the option SIP – Making Calls.


Step 3/6: Enter SIP credentials

You’ll now need your specific credentials information. Depending on your account’s specific setup, you may have received this information when you first signed up.If not, you can obtain this information by logging into our customer account interface and clicking either a) Home, My Extension (if you are a regular user) or Administration, Extensions (if you are an administrator). Find the extension for which you require credentials, and click “New Softphone Password” which is the lock icon to the right. Please note: this step will reset your credentials for any devices that are currently assigned to your extension. These devices may need to be restarted after you reset your credentials if they do not restart automatically.Once you have clicked New Softphone Password, a new page will open with your credentials. Please copy and paste these, and keep them somewhere safe, as you will need them for the following steps.

Account Name

Give the account an appropriate name (this is particularly helpful if you have multiple accounts registered within Bria). This can be any name of your choosing and does not affect functionality; it is for your reference only.

Display As

Leave this value as it stands.


Enter the username you generated above or received when you signed up
(Example: myusername-225)


Enter the password you generated above or received when you signed up. Note: this value has nothing to do with the password you use to log into our customer account interface and is entirely separate.


Enter the domain shown here:


For VM number, enter an asterisk followed by your mailbox number (Example: *98225


Once complete, you can tap your Android phone’s Back button to return to the app’s main screen.

Step 4/6: Set Wi-Fi Refresh Interval

If your account registered successfully, you should now be at the phone screen, and your display should ready “Phone Ready.”Now look at the bottom of the app, and you should see five icons. The fifth one, at the right, is a “Settings” icon (a gear). Tap this, then “Accounts.” Now find the name of the account you’ve just added, and then tap the checkmark icon to the right. This will temporarily disable the account, which is necessary for the next step. Now tap the name of the account itself (do not tap the checkmark this time).You’ll now see a screen with various settings. Scroll down until you see “Account Advanced,” and tap the option.Scroll down on this new screen, until you see “SIP Registration.” Make the following changes:

Wi-Fi Refresh Interval


Mobile Refresh Interval



Step 5/6: Purchase g729 codec (recommended)

We recommend using the g729 codec, which reduces bandwidth without significantly compromising voice quality. To obtain it, click the Settings (gear) icon in the bottom right, then Premium Features. Tap g729a codec to get it from the Play Store, then enter your Play Store info to complete the purchase. Afterward, you should see the g729 codec active in the Premium Features section.


Now tap your phone’s Back button to leave the Premium Features section.


Step 6/6: Ready for Use

Tap the phone icon in the bottom left, and if all your information was entered correctly, you will see “phone ready,” followed by the account name you assigned. You’re ready to start using the app.