Auto-Divert allows you to divert calls coming to you from a specific number to another person, extension, or dial plan, or to divert them so they don’t bother you (blacklisting). This feature also allows you to direct calls immediately to your extension, bypassing all call options, auto-attendants, and gates (whitelisting). These options are easily configured through your admin portal. Auto-Divert and Auto-Reject options can be set up for an unlimited amount of incoming numbers, allowing you to truly customize your set-up for optimal utility.

Common Use Case

This feature is very useful in a case where you are constantly transferring a customer who always seems to call you directly for help, but for whom you might not be the right representative to speak to about their problem. Simply change the setting in the end user portal on that specific caller’s phone number to auto-divert to the correct department. On the other hand, if you’re an executive you can also directly send a specific caller to you, setting them up to bypass the standard gatekeeper steps in an auto-attendant. You can set up certain numbers (i.e., your wife or several colleagues with whom you frequently interact with) to bypass all gating and come straight to you as if it were a direct line.