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Important changes to E-Rate for 2015

Since 1997, the federal government has subsidized communications connectivity services for phone and Internet in K12 schools and libraries, providing discounts of 20 to 90 percent based on financial need. Now, E-Rate subsidies for VoIP are gradually phasing out, but if districts act now, they can reap the benefits of a modern and scalable voice infrastructure.

What does this mean for my institution?

The time is now to upgrade communications solutions. In 2015, the amount of discount available for eligible schools and libraries for VoIP-related services is being cut by 20 percent and will be cut every year thereafter until it’s eliminated entirely in 2019. Act now to reap the benefits of a modern and scalable voice infrastructure.

Note: While it is unknown if and when additional changes will be made, a review process will take place in two years.

Benefits of Upgrading to Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP offers a variety of benefits that help districts save time and money. Among them are streamlined maintenance and repair, improved security, scalability, more service features, and less cost of ownership.

A More Scaleable Future

Once the decision is made to upgrade to a more efficient, up-to-date voice solution, districts must act quickly to receive the maximum amount of funding available to them from the E-Rate program so they can begin to reap the advantages of a scalable, 21st-century voice and communications system.

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