Jive Resource Videos

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Please find Jive’s library of demonstration and tutorial videos below. Browse topics, and Simply click on the thumbnail to view each video.

Jive Hosted VoIP (1:28)

Demonstration video designed to deliver a high-level view of the capabilities of Jive Hosted VoIP. Describes major features including call routing, number management, and analytics.

Dial Plan Editor (5:08)

Tutorial video demonstrates how to configure time-based routing, auto-attendants, and Find-Me Follow-Me. The Jive Dial Plan Editor gives you total control over your call flow.

Sound Clips (3:04)

Tutorial video teaches users how to record sound clips within Jive Core. Also instructs users how to incorporate sounds clips into auto-attendants, queues, and other call functions.

Find-Me Follow-Me (3:00)

Tutorial video describes how users can customized Find-Me Follow-Me settings in Jive Core. This function allows powerful flexibility in how calls to extension behave.

Temporary Call Routing (1:25)

Tutorial video demonstrates how to temporarily route calls in Jive Core. Temporary routing can be helpful for holidays, emergencies, or other temporary events.

Call Analytics (6:26)

Demonstration video detailing Jive’s Call Analytics. Allows clients to monitor inbound and outbound call patterns for locations, extensions, and DIDs.

Schedule-Based Routing (2:34)

Tutorial video demonstrates how to use Jive’s web user interface to route calls based on weekly schedule, holiday schedules, and schedule overrides.

Business VoIP Phone Systems (1:50)

Brief overview of how VoIP phone systems have become a smart solution to replace traditional business phone systems. Learn the advantages of using a VoIP system.