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Jive is the leading enterprise provider of Unified Communications in the Cloud.
Learn how to add features and reliability, and still cut your phone system budget in half

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Stay connected.

Connect to people like never before. Extension-dial anyone on your Jive network; in the office, or on a different continent. Customize dial plans, page a group, transfer a call to voicemail, connect 10 people on a conference bridge, or listen to voicemail digitally on almost any device. Plus, each user can configure their own Find Me/Follow Me.

Everything in its place.

Want voicemail delivered to your email? Easy. Need analytics from last month's inbound calls? Done. Control both administrator and user settings from our convenient web-based management portal.

Create Users
Manage Call Flow
Hear Voicemail

Intuitive interfaces.

You haven’t lived until you’ve set up a call flow in our visual dial plan editor, where you can see exactly where the call will go and how callers will interact.

Devices you know.

With the options to purchase new hardware from Jive, use your own devices, or opt for a mobile softphone app, we guarantee you'll find a solution that works for your institution.

Simple setup.

Jive devices come ready to plug-and-play, meaning all you have to do is plug in the phone to begin making calls. Call flow setup is equally simple with our visual dial plan editor. Plus, you can call U.S.-based Jive experts anytime to help.

Customize everything.

It's easy to set everything exactly how you want it -- from hold music, to permissions, to call prompts and beyond.

Hold Music
Call Prompts
Line Call Flow

See Jive in action.

Watch a short video to see exactly how Jive rocks.

Jive Cloud System Demo

Visual Dial Plan Editor Demo

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