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    Exploring Cloud

    A cloud phone system gives you access to enterprise-grade tools without tying you down with bulky, expensive hardware you have to manage and maintain.

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    How Good Are Hosted VoIP Providers at Customer Service?

    Before you pay for a service vital toconnecting you and your customers, like Hosted VoIP, you have a right to know what to expect—the standard to which you can hold your provider. But in this day and age of complex sales processes, these important standards can get lost in the mire of technical details, scheduling, and other considerations.

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    5 Worst-Case Scenarios

    If you’re investigating a Hosted VoIP solution, here are 5 common worst-case questions a Hosted VoIP provider should be able to address.

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    5 Common Hosted VoIP Myths Debunked

    Organizations are always looking to leverage better technology to reach their goals, and many have latched onto Hosted VoIP as a means to do so. Hosted VoIP offers flexibility and mobility well suited to today’s rapidly evolving work environment. However, certain potential pitfalls—like poor quality or security concerns—have prevented some from adopting this growing technology.

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    How Prepared Are Your Communications?

    With so much riding on business communications systems, it’s no surprise that enterprise organizations are turning to detailed disaster recovery (DR) plans. These plans generally detail how to preserve and recover important data but often forget to include a mechanism to keep communications constant, especially during those crucial 24 to 72 hours after a catastrophic event.

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