Free Phones Promotion

Get Free and Discounted Phones From Jive.

Jive Communications is excited to offer FREE Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones to enterprise commercial and public sector clients with 3-year contracts.

Overcoming Capital Expenses.

The largest obstacle enterprise organizations face in upgrading their technology infrastructure is the upfront capital expense. Jive has now eliminated the need for large capital outlays by offering free and heavily discounted Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones. Potential clients with 25 or more users signing a 3-year contract can take advantage of this opportunity to access the most costeffective telephony services available.

Free and Discounted Phone Price List.

Qualifying Customers may purchase subsidized hardware from Jive using their authorized Jive Sales Quotes. Note that even if the cost of the phone is “FREE,” Customers will own the phone and the Standard Equipment Purchase agreement applies, including warranty terms. Any hardware (including, but not limited to Conference Phones, Receptionist Expansions, Headsets, Switches, Extended Warranties, and Paging Adapters) are not discounted, and will be sold at regular prices.

Polycom Model Retail Price Discounted Price
Polycom IP321 (PoE) $119.00 FREE
Polycom IP335 (PoE) $199.00 $50.00
Polycom IP450 (PoE) $309.00 $100.00
Polycom IP550 (PoE) $355.00 $125.00
Polycom IP650 (PoE) $435.00 $155.00
Polycom Power Supply $15.00 $12.95

Cisco Model Retail Price Discounted Price
Cisco SPA303 (w/Power Supply) $125.00 $25.00
Cisco SPA112 (Fax Only) $69.00 FREE
Cisco SPA502 (PoE) $164.00 $50.00
Cisco SPA504 (PoE) $189.00 $70.00
Cisco SPA525 (PoE) $365.00 $175.00
Cisco Power Supply $13.00 $9.95

Program Terms and Requirements

Additional program terms and requirements can be found at Jive’s legal section.