Combine your phone system and phone service in the cloud.

Jive Voice is a cloud-based PBX business phone system that combines traditional PBX hardware and service in a single hosted solution. It offers all the advanced features of an enterprise PBX system with over 80 Hosted VoIP features, including all call tracking analytics.
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Give your customers better service and greater confidence in your brand with Jive's 80+ enterprise-grade phone features. 

Win and retain more customers by upgrading to Jive's cloud-based phone system.

Control costs while enjoying updated phone-system features.

Equipping your business with a full-featured phone system can cost you thousands of dollars. With Jive, there’s little to no upfront capital costs, and 80+ advanced voice features come standard at no extra charge. 

Manage your call routing from the web without tech expertise.

Jive’s phone system is simple to use, with a graphical online interface that’s easy to update with real-time changes. Manage your system from any computer, and make calls from any desktop or mobile device.

Discover more about Jive products.

Jive is more than just a phone system in the cloud. We deliver a range of Unified Communications products, including voice, video, contact center, and mobile applications.
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Jive Voice Pricing.

Jive provides all the features you need with unlimited use (where other companies charge extra for additional features or increased use). 


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per device


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