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Ernst & Young looks at John Pope for Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Casmin

    I hope to emulate John in the sense that one day I hope people will say I’m also a “unique blend of leadership, vision, and hair.”

  • Jonathan Timothy

    John truly has a vision and it’s evident in all of those who work at Jive. It’s good to see him receive–at least to some degree–recognition for all of his hard work!

  • Govind Kanara

    Hi! John,

    Absolutely POOR service from Jive. Seems that you have too many customer than what you guys can handle..

    We are trying to resolution for our 80 phone problems for last few days. Currently, phones are disconnecting PCs. Our 80 retail employees are not able to work for last four days.

    It’s really costing my pocket book. Nobody at Jive care or find workable fix for us. Nobody is willing to provide us your phone number, so we ended up emailing or putting block get your kind attention to help us find resolution.

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