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The Case for Jive

Jive is dedicated to providing the best-in-class hosted solutions to clients worldwide. Review selected Jive Case Studies to see examples of how Jive Hosted VoIP and other Jive UC solutions have been implemented successfully in a variety of industries and organizations.

Featured Case Studies

Hosted Solution for Hospitality

Enterprise > Hospitality
As the first new hotel in the area for decades, Hotel Zamora needed to make a big splash. What it didn’t want was a phone system stuck in the past utilizing dying technologies. After ample research on various communications solutions, the hotel’s management team knew that the time, cost, and effort of an on-premises solution wasn’t for them. They chose Jive Communications’ suite of Unified Communications services as their hosted solution.

Mountaineers Scale the Cloud

Education > Higher Education
Like many in the Higher Education community, EOU’s aging on-premises PBX experienced frequent outages and required regular—and expensive—maintenance. The amount of time the IT staff spent administering the telephone was extensive. From the onset, Jive offered a solution that addressed EOU’s core concerns including system administration, features, cost, and reliability.

Bridging the Gap to Hosted Services

Education > Higher Education
Before moving to Jive, BATC had a legacy telephone system. The daily administration of the system was extremely time consuming and often required hands-on service. Over time spare parts became difficult to find as the system became obsolete. With the Jive solution in place, Bridgerland Applied Technology College has been relieved of costly maintenance and the responsibility of updating their system.

Fighting Through Wildfires.

Public Sector > Emergency Response
In a particularly devastating year for wildfires in the United States, several blazes have threatened large regions of the South West. Situated in the Gila National Forest on the Arizona/New Mexico border, Reserve Independent School district was appropriated as the base of operations for the Department of Homeland security. With millions in property, lives, and livelihoods at stake, the government used all the technology and tools at their disposal to contain the disasters.

Relationships and Reliability.

Small Business > Home/Auto Insurance
Operating in over 20 states, American Family Insurance primarily sells through independent agencies and specialized brokers. American Family has over 8,000 direct employees with thousands of independent agents. Jive Communications helps American Family provide outstanding customer service in a competitive market via Jive Hosted VoIP, its cloud-based PBX system.

Additional Case Studies

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