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Hosted PBX: A Virtual Receptionist’s Assistant

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is like giving your receptionist an extra set of hands. This futuristic Star Trek-like timesaving device can help manage small business phones systems, providing customers with a friendly call-in greeting. This allows customers to select extensions and be immediately transferred, or it allows them to speak to the receptionist directly. Virtually eliminating the need for hassle-filled, expensive switchboards, this system allows the receptionist to focus on other administrative duties. Essentially, it is cutting administrative and giving your receptionist the ability to focus on more meaningful office tasks.

Porting Your Business Phone Number

Your phone number is one of the ways your customers and vendors can reach you. You have invested in calling cards, brochures and other marketing material that carry this number. Your customers already have this in their phone book. And it has been posted in your local phone directories. Thus, it’s not a simple matter to decide to switch from one phone carrier to another, more cost-effective alternative if this means you have to change your phone number as well.

The Future of Life in the Cloud

The technology buzzword for today’s decade is “Cloud.” Managing, streamlining and prioritizing business phone services are necessary in the entrepreneurial world. The latest technology solution is Cloud PBX, a modern telephone solution for an ever-changing world.

VoIP: A Streamlined Business Solution

In today’s dismal economy, businesses need to trim the fat wherever they can. Traditional landline telephone systems are outdated, left to a prehistoric technology age. The future of tomorrow is VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.

Hosted Call Recording

Jive recently announced hosted call recording as a feature for Jive Hosted VoIP. This enterprise-level feature is currently available in your Jive PBX Administration online.

Jive Adds WebNotify App

Jive is excited to announce the addition of a WebNotify application for Jive Hosted VoIP. Located in the dial plan editor, this app allows for third-party software integration and custom development options.

Jive Launches New Site

Jive is excited to announce the release of the latest version of! Jive’s powerful technology and market leadership are now more easily conveyed in this redesign. Separate client portals for Enterprise, Public Sector, Small Business, and Partners allow site visitors to quickly access content relevant to their needs.

Authorized Reseller Program Launched

Jive’s Authorized Reseller Program Marks Significant Accomplishment. Orem, Utah – September 01, 2009–Jive Communications (, an enterprise-quality telephone systems and services provider, today announced the release of its Authorized Reseller Program.

Newest PBX Manager Released

Jive’s latest online PBX manager provides more robust connections. Orem, Utah – November 16, 2007–Jive Communications (, an enterprise-quality telephone systems and services provider, announced the launch of its latest version of PBX Manager, providing additional and significant functionality to an already powerful lineup of features.