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The Marketeers & Passport to Provo City

The Utah Valley area is a growing, exciting place to be. There’s always something novel to get caught up in–concerts, hiking, camping, theatre, museums, and unique days like Passport to Provo. A few weeks ago, some of the Jive marketing team (affectionately known as Marketeers) participated in Provo City’s attempt to break a world record.

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How Tradeshows Create Happiness in the Workplace

Why do we attend tradeshows? Because we aren’t happy? Because we’re bored? No. We attend because we’re looking to progress. We’re looking to better ourselves and our companies or organizations. We can be perfectly content—even happy—with how things are currently running. But knowing the possibilities for growth and adaptation will give us an edge in whatever market we may be swimming in; be it a small business, government organization, school district, or fortune 500 company. Happiness—whether in your personal life or in your profession—is dependent on improvement. Most people are happy because they are busy. Not to say that the […]


Sweeping Changes to the E-Rate Program Leave Many Dazed and Confused

Over the summer, the FCC Board of Commissioners made major changes to the E-Rate program, which will affect all participating schools and libraries. The board released these changes (the 7th Order) on July 23, 2014, and the final rule was posted a few weeks later on August 19, 2014. While some of these changes will increase the availability of certain technologies, it’s important to know that funding for other services will be gradually phased out. The board’s changes mean that there will be more funding for broadband, WiFi, and Internet services and less funding for wireless phones, email, web pages, […]


Cloud Partners 2014 in New Orleans

The Jive team is heading off to New Orleans in a few days for Cloud Partners 2014 on September 8th-10th. We’re excited to hit the Big Easy with a bang! We’ve got three days of meetings, networking, and maybe even an exciting giveaway…or three! Jive will be meeting with different partners during the event and would love to meet with you as well! Contact your Jive channel manager to schedule a meeting with Jive during the event and be entered to win an exciting giveaway. What is Cloud Partners? The cloud has changed everything in the channel—business models: sales cycles, […]


Effortless Power: Our Outlook on Training

Effortless Power vs. Powerless Effort Those of you who golf know that it’s one of the most difficult sports to master, requiring the highest level of mental strength. Why? Well, besides the many components in your swing that have to align perfectly just to make contact, there’s the fact that our minds are our worst enemy. Our ego wants to crush the ball, causing our mind to say, “I better swing as hard as I can.” In reality, this is actually counterproductive. What works is perfecting technique to the point at which your upper body and lower body work synergistically […]

Bears (Polar) in Glasgow Zoo, Glasgow, Scotland / Rex Nan Kivell

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Challenge

It’s hard to escape at least some exposure to the phenomenon that is sweeping the world one ice-filled bucket at a time. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over a substantial piece of real estate in social media, news outlets, and late night talk shows. At this rate, it’s likely that every publicly recognizable figure will participate—if they haven’t already—in this challenge before we hit Labor Day. Some of these individuals include Tom Hiddleston, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, George W. Bush, and Tiger Woods. The challenge is also finding its way into our personal lives and workplace environments. In […]


In Over Your Head: 3 Life Preservers to Keep You Afloat

Have you ever been given an assignment at work and had that “I have NO idea what to do” feeling? If you answered no, don’t worry. Your time will come. It’s so common in today’s fast-paced workplace, that whether you’re starting a new initiative, or you’re at your first job out of college, learning to positively channel that angst can turn a seemingly hopeless rat maze into something a whole lot simpler. In short, learning to work through such situations will make you a better employee and ultimately better able to excel at your job. I have the boon of […]