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10 Reasons You’ll Want Jive Hosted VoIP for Your Real Estate Phone System

Having the right real estate phone system is one way agents can tip the scales in their favor. It can be your secret weapon when it allows you to out-organize and become more responsive than your competition. That’s why a hosted voice (or Hosted VoIP) phone system is gaining traction across so many industries, including real estate. Jive Voice gives you access to a low-maintenance, high-tech solution that frees up your office budget, increases your realtors’ privacy and security, and gives you access to a bevy of productivity-enhancing features.

contact center

8 All-Star Features You Need for Your Contact Center

Even with an all-star staff running your contact center – or your call center – and still not deliver all-star service. Why? Because good service isn’t only about hiring the right people. It’s also about technology. Stellar employees need terrific tools to deliver better experiences to customers. That’s why Jive offers multiple contact center options that include must-have features.

how to write an rfp

How to Write an RFP for a Hosted VoIP Phone System

Writing an RFP (request for proposal) can be time-consuming, involves technology details you’re probably not familiar with, and kicks off the arduous service-purchasing process. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Jive Communications, we’ve drafted our share of RFP responses. We’ve also helped many organizations craft their own RFPs aimed at Hosted VoIP providers. That’s why we wanted to share this list of tips on how to write an effective RFP.


What’s a Softphone and 5 Reasons You’ll Want One

Discover what a softphone is and read about five compelling reasons why organizations are adopting them. Also, learn about the newly released Jive Mobile 2.0 softphone application and how its new features set it apart from other softphone apps.


What Is Jive Voice?

Since starting in 2006, Jive has mostly focused on Hosted VoIP as a service. But now Jive’s cloud-based phone service is called Jive Voice, and with that seemingly small change comes a radical shift in Jive’s vision for the future.