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Authorized Reseller Program Launched

Jive’s Authorized Reseller Program Marks Significant Accomplishment.

Orem, Utah – September 01, 2009–Jive Communications (www.jive.com), an enterprise-quality telephone systems and services provider, today announced the release of its Authorized Reseller Program.

Jive Communications’ (Jive) new program, which has been in the works for several months, marks a significant milestone in Jive’s evolution and growth. The program allows resellers to leverage Jive’s powerful service platforms into sales revenue from new and existing clients.

Jive Authorized Resellers can offer: [list_arrow2]

  • State-of-the-art digital phones
  • Custom virtual PBX
  • Online management system and reports
  • No fee long distance calls
  • Industry experience
  • U.S. based customer service reps
  • And more than 30 enterprise-grade system features
  • [/list_arrow2]

    “Establishing this program is a huge leap forward for our company and allows us to develop strategic partnerships to bring our product and services to a significantly greater potential customer base,” said Brent Thomson, CEO of Jive. “We built our system from the ground up to deliver the best enterprise-level VoIP PBX offering for our customers and future customers. We are constantly working to improve our systems and functionality to provide the most robust and user-friendly phone system any small business will benefit from using.”

    Jive is currently developing partnerships with a limited number of capable businesses in targeted locations throughout the U.S.

    Matt Peterson

    Matt Peterson

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