Jeff Nuckols

Jeff does analytics and optimization with Jive's online marketing team. He was formerly in the political world and stumbled upon online marketing while working on a campaign. He loves tacos and his greatest accomplishment is winning a game as starting pitcher for Jive's soft-pitch softball team.


One Ring-Ring to Rule Them All

You’ve already heard that Jive makes businesses seem prominent and professional, saves them bucketloads of money on their phone bills, and has a near limitless feature set, but what is Jive’s most staggering advantage over other VoIP companies? What is Jive’s calling card (pun intended), its bread and butter, its mojo, its special sauce, its Holy Grail? Answer: Jive is easy. Let me explain. Scenario #1: You run a small insurance agency. You’re prospecting for new clients, hiring employees, trying to think of ways to grow your business, and you’re swamped with paperwork. Your agency is using old phones that […]

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